Ashley at Charter Communications deserves a raise!

I missed the season finale last night of The League because suddenly, without warning I was no longer receiving FXX on Charter cable. I had it last week. Heck I had FXX a couple days ago. For those that don't know, FXX used to be Fox Sports. They changed it the beginning of September this year. I never received Fox Sports because, frankly, never wanted it. The channel number didn't change when it became FXX, just the call letters and programming. And my two favorite Fox shows were moved from FX to FXX - The League and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I'm not lucky enough to actually have FXXHD available (come on Charter), but at least I've been able to watch the latest seasons in (horrible) standard definition. Well, up until the season finale episodes of The League.

To be honest, the only things I watch on FXX are The League, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and I understand Legit will be on FXX when it returns for a new season. I set the DVR to record and watch them when I have the time.

I noticed The League being recorded last night. When I went to watch it last in the evening, it was gone. Simply gone. Nothing. No sign of it. So I tuned to FXX and got a message "NOT AUTHORIZED". What? How so? I was "authorized" a couple days ago. So my recording was erased because, well, nothing was recorded.

So last night I called Charter and spoke to a service rep. Basically, after 30-40 minutes, there was no solution. I was basically told "sorry" and it was left at that. I figured, okay, I'll let things go overnight and check again tomorrow.

Today I checked FXX again, still getting the "NOT AUTHORIZED" message. So I called Charter again.

I spoke with a gentleman who was polite enough, but either failed to understand the issue or simply didn't care. I repeatedly had to explain that I HAD the channel two days ago and now I don't. In return, all I got was a bunch of double-speak about "a channel reassignment is being undertaken" and until that's done there's nothing to do. And then repeated explanations that FXX is in Charter's "Sports Tier" and unless I had that "tier" the channel wasn't available. I refused to accept this since I've never paid for the "Sports Tier" yet was getting FXX since September. I was eventually put on hold. After 5-10 minutes I was HUNG UP ON. There's nothing more annoying that being disconnected when you are placed on hold.

Afterwards I get the "satisfaction survey" - Use 5 for "outstanding" and 1 for "very poor" - All I can say is nothing above a 2 was punched in.

So, annoyed, I called back immediately. Being careful not to taint my tone of voice with the annoyance from the last phone call, I spoke with a pleasant woman who seemed to at least want to try and solve the issue. Unfortunately, she could not find any solution other than to pay for the "Sports Tier". So I said thank you and left it at that.

Afterwards I get the "satisfaction survey" - Use 5 for "outstanding" and 1 for "very poor" - I gave the rep high numbers, 4 and 5s. I gave the "solution" questions 1s.

After a few moments of thought, I realized paying for the sports tier wasn't something I couldn't afford. I just never paid for it because, well, I'm not a big sports watcher. So I decided that if I had to spend a few dollars a month for a few shows, then fine. I'll pay it. I like the shows and want to see the new season of Legit when that returns.

So I called a third time....

This third call I got Ashley as a customer service rep. I explained that I, "wanted to add the sports tier to my package because apparently that's the only way I can get FXX back. I was getting it but apparently now I can't because I don't pay for the sports tier."

Ashley politely asked me to hold on to see if she could find another solution. After a few moments she returned to tell me that I have a "old" Charter package and she could update my package to a newer one which would allow me to get the sports tier and subsequent FXX channel with no additional cost. WHAT!!!!? Was she serious? So I asked, "what would I lose?" Her reply, "Nothing. You'll get everything you already have plus the sports tier." So, naturally I asked, "What's that going to do to my bill?" She did some calculations and replied, "You're currently paying $XX a month. With this change your bill would be $xx." [Roughly $50 LESS a month].

I was amazed. I said sure thing then what do we need to do. She put me on hold for a few more moments and came back to let me know she'd made all the adjustments and I should be getting FXX again (along with the sports tier channels). Nothing. She pumped a signal to the house. And a few moments later, there it was - FXX again.

Afterwards I get the "satisfaction survey" again - Use 5 for "outstanding" and 1 for "very poor" - Needless to say Ashley would have gotten 10s if it were possible. The best I could do was all 5s. As I told her on the phone, I'd have sent her a Christmas thank you gift if I knew where to send it. Obviously, she new her job MUCH BETTER than anyone I had previously spoken to.

There's no substitute for good customer service representatives that can solve issues by offering intelligent solutions based on their knowledge of the companies services. I don't have all the knowledge I expect customer service representatives to have. But apparently I had more knowledge (or perhaps perseverance) than the first three people at Charter I spoke with. Ashley's knowledge of the services her company offered was all that was needed for an immediate solution to my issue.

Charter Communications you need to immediately reward Ashley and other representatives who actually understand your services.

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