Back from PSW

Illustrator Techniques Well after a whirlwind three days in Las Vegas, I'm back and full of juicy tips to try. Everyone at PSW did a fabulous job. If you've been considering attending and been hesitant, don't be. It will be, by far the most educational experience you'll attend. It's not all about Photoshop. the entire Creative Suite and Photography are also covered.

In addition, KW Media, the makers of NAPP have created a new site and magazine, Illustrator Techniques. Dedicated to Adobe® Illustrator®, it promises to be the resource for Illustrator users. I may be a tad biased though. . . they've asked me to write a few columns and have been contributing for the first few issues. Hopefully, I'll continue to help Illustrator Techniques grow and answer every possible question anyone may have about Illustrator. Check it out. . . 8 issues a year and tons of online content that will simply continue to grow. Its sheer coincidence that the first cover seems to match the color scheme of my site.

Update Well, I wrote for IllustratorTechniques for about a year. The writing included a few tutorials as well as a regular Q & A column. I really enjoyed the writing. Unfortunately IllustratorTechniques has closed it's doors due to lack of interest. Or rather, lack of subscribers. It's a shame that a dedicated Illustrator publication just doesn't exist.

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