What's up with Illustrator World now?

Well, it seems IllustratorWorld.com now? It would seem as though the domain registration has expired. That's at least twice in it's life span that there have been major malfunctions. I know Todd (the owner) is very busy and probably has a great deal on his mind. Shouldn't simple things like the domain name be covered though? I used to love the site and have tried supporting it as much as I could, but it's beginning to seem like an entirely futile effort on my part.

Thank heaven for IllustratorTechniques.com, at least there's another vector outlet that's good.

Know of any more vector sites? then please, drop me a line.

Update Wondering why that link to IllustratorTechnigues.com doesn't work? The site was terminated due to lack of traffic apparently. Too bad really. There just aren't enough good sites dedicated to Illustrator.

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