Crestock.com.... not artist friendly

Several months ago (March 06 I think) I uploaded a few images to a relatively new stock art site named Crestock.com.

Watching the view count on the images made it clear that the site never really got much traffic. There were continual promises of a "big advertising campaign" that never seemed to surface. I had a total of 7 sales in as many months. Very poor return.

Then, sometime in November they changed their download agreement severely cutting artist royalties. This caused me to finally settle on the decision that the site is not for me. I politely asked for my images to be removed and the royalties for my 7 downloads be forwarded to me.

My account there was indeed closed, however they refuse to part with the measly $10.50 my images earned. After several emails back and forth between Lars Hasvoll Bakke and myself, they are hanging onto my earnings like a dog with a bone. To be honest, I really don't care about the $10, but the idea that a stock art site that is dependent upon artists submitting work for sale would profit from the work of an artist then refuse to pay that artist for the money they are due just astounds me. I'm certain if I wished to press the matter legally I'd have a strong case, not that I intend to do so at this time. After all it is only $10... but the least I can do is warn anyone and everyone that will listen. Avoid Crestock.com at all costs. Do not buy or sell images there. They think nothing of stealing from artists. Tell your friends, your family, your grocer, your third grade science teacher... everyone you know. There are dozens of better sites out there that respect artists and their rights.

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