I went an saw Grindhouse recently. If your\'e not familiar with it, it is a Robert Rodrequez/Quinton Tarantino \"double feature\" within one movie. Both films are shot in a campy, miss the 70s type of cinematography which I rather enjoyed.

The Rodriquez outing \"Planet Terror\" is a classic \"Undead/zombie/brain-eating\" tale that, while predictable has enough campy input to be enjoyable. A bit over the top, but that\'s the entire point.

Tarantino\'s contribution, \"Deathproof\" is typical Tarantino -- a lot of dialog that really doesn\'t add to the film. Just verbal sparring between characters that may lend a bit of personality to them, but tends to go on way too long. Not a lot of action in Deathproof. What action there is, is however intriguing, including a \"classic\" style car chase without all the modern bells and whistles.

I found the mock theater \"prevues\" which present themselves at the beginning of the film and between the \"features\" much more interesting than most of either \"feature\".

It\'s worth a matinee price, but not the evening ticket. And due to it\'s length (over 3 hours) be prepared for those movie seats to get terribly uncomfortable in most theaters. In fact, I\'d say get the DVD when it\'s released if you are a fan of 70s \"camp\" films, save the money on the theater visit alltogether.

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