Horrid AICS3 bug

I discovered a rather severe bug in Illustrator 13.0 (CS3) involving the Free Transform tool and Gradient Mesh objects. I was hoping a lot that the recent release of an Illustrator 13.0.1 update would address this, unfortunately it does not. So now I'm begging Adobe for a 13.0.2 update, if for nothing else, this issue. It's completely crippling. If you wish to throw in your 2ยข regarding the bug please do! and post here at the Adobe forums. Or CLICK HERE to use Adobe's bug reporting form. The more users that bring it up the faster a fix will happen.

It would clearly appear to be a bug here. Completely unexpected behavior and a SERIOUS issue with not only Envelopes, but Gradient Mesh objects as well. Below you can see my bug report.

Steps to reproduce: 1. New Doc (CMYK or RGB) 2. Draw a circle. 3. Use the Gradient Mesh tool to click once somewhere in/on circle and make it a mesh object. 4. Select entire Mesh object 5. Grab Free Transform tool 6. Grab a corner handle and scale using Free Transform.

Actual results: All smooth points are instantly converted to "magnet" points.

Expected behavior: Smooth points remain smooth points. Corner points remain corner points.

Additional notes It's a real thorn in my workflow when doing a mesh oriented project. It makes Free Transform useless with any mesh containing smooth points as well as any Envelope distort which created smooth points.

The issue is not that additional points are added anywhere, the issue is existing smooth points instantly get converted to "magnet" points... all of them, every single one.

Here is a Quicktime movie showing it in action.

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