New Site Design

After several years of the same design, I felt it time to update this web site with a cleaner, more modern interface. I've removed the stock art section choosing to focus those sales in other locations. Some of my stock art can still be purchased through Dreamstime and Imagezoo as well as other locations such as Punchstock or Media Bakery I've also moved the Tutorials section, and this section — news, to a less prominent position on the site in order to improve the overall marketing aspect of the site. I'm still developing these two sections of the web site as time permits. You may see some odd glitches or layout issues in these sections. They will be corrected when time permits. I'm also revamping the commenting aspect of the web site. This will allow full commenting and editing for news items as well as tutorials. Hopefully, this will allow readers to better communicate with me as well as each other. If you feel there is a part of this web site which simply does not work for you or your web browser, please let me know. I encourage any and all comments. Thanks!
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