Creative Suite 5, specifically Illustrator

Okay...... Adobe's updated their site and sent the press release out....

Adobe Illustrator at Adobe.com

Illustrator CS5 features actually make illustrating in Illustrator much better.

The Width Tool (beautiful strokes) is phenomenal. No more flat, even strokes. Strokes can actually have a complete vocabulary of your choosing. This is among my favorite new features. It saves so much time.

The Perspective Grids... wonderful as well. Takes a bit to get a handle on, but once you do, man is life so much easier. And objects are "smart" so they will snap to the proper perspective.

The Bristle Brush.... Really cool, natural-media-like, vector brushes. Several different options and styles, customizable, and completely Tablet-aware for those with tablets.

Then there are other enhancements.....

Name (or rename) artboards, an artboard panel to quickly jump between them.

The Shape Builder Tool (Basically, pathfinder in a tool, very handy but not earth shattering) It'll let you control specific pathfinder-like functions without having to apply pathfinder to a whole group of objects.

Pixel Perfect drawing... WONDERFUl for web design in Illustrator. No more frustration with anti-aliased strokes or shapes. Illustrator finally knows where a pixel is and draws accordingly.

And smaller enhancements such as transparency in gradient meshes, small menu and dialog tweaks, etc.

There's more I'm missing... but really, this is one of the most feature-rich releases I've seen in years. And, here, the features are very well built.

I can answer questions...

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