How to get a pattern tile back...

Often when you open a Photoshop document you'll find a pattern applied either via a Layer Style or a Pattern Fill layer.

In some instances it's exceptionally helpful to have the original tile used to create the pattern. This can allow you to refine or adjust the tile if needed. I hit just that situation this afternoon.

Photoshop does not provide any internal way to easily get back to the original tile. However, I remembers a tip I picked up somewhere which makes this problem very easy to solve.

How to get a pattern swatch back to a tile...

First, be certain that Tool Tips is checked in Preferences > Interface. This is important.

Next open your document, or any document with the pattern swatch applied.

If the pattern is applied via a Layer Style, open the layer styles dialog window and click on "Pattern Fill" on the left. Now, simply hover your cursor over the little swatch in the Layer Styles dialog window. The Tool Tip will show the original tile size.

Pattern Style

If the pattern is applied as a Pattern Layer, double-click the pattern layer and simply hover the cursor over the pattern thumbnail in the Pattern Layer Options dialog window. You should see the same Tool Tip.

Make a note of the width and height and create a new document that size.

Now, simply create a new document that size, apply the pattern as a Pattern Layer or a Layer Style (either way will work). Then flatten your document via Flatten Artwork in the Layers Panel.

And there you have it.... a quick and easy way to get a tile back from a Pattern Swatch.

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