A new MacPro is on the way!

I recently ordered a new MacPro. While my existing system is in great shape and works well. I find I'm hitting consistent bugs, primarily in Photoshop, due to the use of two video cards. With the new configurations available, and a video card which supports three monitors, I'm really hoping I see smoother performance all around.

In addition, I'm moving up from a quad core to an 8-core system which should show noticeable speed boosts. I debated for a while whether to go with the 6-Core at 3.33Ghz or the 8-Core at 2.40Ghz. I'm still not 100% certain I made the correct choice. Either way the system will be good, but I don't know if 6 faster cores would be better than 8 slower cores. My overall thought was that the ability to run more processes is better than fewer processes completed a fraction of a second faster.

Any thoughts?

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