Adobe flexes it's monopolistic muscle...

If you haven't heard, Adobe is completely changing their upgrade and delivery policy as of CS6 next year. You can read the full announcement via this blog post

To me, clearly a case of corporate greed, regardless of how they try and spin it. An individual is going to be expected to pay $588+ a year for a subscription. Currently if you upgrade every single version, you are paying between $180 and $400 every 18 months. If you upgrade every other version you're paying even less.

All this "cloud" mumbo jumbo is being driven by the media. Sure it's good for the average home user. But Adobe customers are not the average home user. Well, at least not the customers who wish to remain legal regarding software licenses.

Apparently Adobe feels like really sticking it to anyone who already owns multiple licenses for various products. I, personal own about 8 to 10 separate license for several Adobe applications. One or two of these are upgraded with every release. The other license are upgraded (or I should post were upgraded) every couple years to keep them in the upgrade loop. Adobe has been getting my money. I can not feasibly upgrade every single license I own every single year. And I highly doubt any subscription license is going to allow multiple seats.

Basically.... Adobe knows they have a monopoly and are taking advantage of customers in a downed economy. Not good.

Speak up about it if you're an bothered by it as I am. Post on Facebook or Twitter. Send emails to Adobe. All I can really hope for is enough customer outcry to make Adobe rethink this terrible move before it's actually implemented.

Adobe has every right to make money, but to do it in such a terrible anti-customer manner is nothing short of offensive. Most Adobe users don't have software alternatives to switch to.

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