Not happy with Adobe

I read this...... http://www.adobe.com/cc/letter.html

...and went here: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov

You should too if you aren't happy about Adobe holding software hostage simply because they are a monopoly in professional circles.

I have to say in 25+ years I've never seen a new version of any application work flawlessly. And often a new version will alter something which was working in a previous version. Just the nature of complex software. I'm not pointing fingers. This happens with almost any application - Adobe's or otherwise. But not being able to go backwards (to a working version) after a year is a disheartening proposal at the least.

In addition, knowing that, should I retire or move to another field in 5 years... I'll still be locked into paying if I want to use something on a part time or hobby basis. That's not the case at the moment. Heck, I've been using Adobe Dimensions since the 80s when I purchased it because Adobe (or any other developer) still has nothing comperable to that application. So in 5 years.. what if that scenario fits some other app? I won't have disks or software which can be used. My money goes into a pit that is only viable for the present time.

Renting has never been a good option for consumers, ever. For any product, in any industry. It's throwing money away. Adobe has effectively turned customer investments into a loss from this point forward. What is even more offensive to me is the way Adobe simply turns its nose up at the 20+ years of product support I've offered through my hard-earned money given to regular product updates and my voice. As a loyal customer, I've essentially been shot in the leg and told to "deal with it" through some nonsensical marketing mumbo jumbo. The marketing, when read closely, is comical. It's like a drunk driver trying to convince the police officer they are sober - completely unbelievable and full of fabricated catch phrases designed to disguise the truth.

I can not help but think that the majority of long-standing Adobe customers are against this move while the young, new, perhaps naive, and inexperienced users simply don't see the hazards which lie ahead when a company has complete control over software which, to many of us, is absolutely critical to our own income. Costs, while they will be greater, are not really my concern. My area of concern is in daily workflow which has NOTHING to do with subscription costs. I still launch and use CS3 through CS6 apps. In 2 years time, with a subscription, going backwards will be a thing of the past.

Hello basket, please... hold ALL my eggs.

PLEASE someone, somewhere, develop applications which can replace Adobe's. I'd switch in an instant if there were anything comparable on the market. Unfortunately, in many instances, there isn't at this time.

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