Apple recalls batteries

I bought a 15" MacBookPro last March. Overall it's a great machine in spite of the Adobe applications not being universal binaries to suit the Intel core. In fact I still find the Creative Suite 2 very usable. Not as nice as the dual head G5 I normally work on but absiolutely a competent filler for times I'm on the road. I've been using it quite a bit and have had no complaints except one. Battery life seems very short -- generally averaging around three to three and a half hours at best.

Today, while stumbling around, I came across information that stated Apple is recalling batteries for the 15" MacBookPro if purchased between February and May of 2006. There's no apparent safety risk. It appears to simply be a performance issue. Great news! Maybe I'll get better life from the laptop. The processess seems fairly painless to get them replaced as well. . . Just fill out the online form, wait for the new batteries (I have 2) and then send back the old ones. I encourage everyone to check the link if you've got a matching machine.

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