Web Design

Specializing in CSS-based, modern, web design, Weichert Creative can create a unique and enjoyable user experience for your web site. Your web presence is certain to be professional and memorable.

  • XHTML/CSS-Based

    Weichert Creative builds modern, web 2.0, xHTML/CSS based web sites. This type of web building has many benefits including faster load times, better search engine compatibility, stronger support for any web-ready device including cell phones and PDAs, in addition to ease of future updating.

  • Content Management

    Familiar with several prepackaged Content Management Systems, Weichert Creative can work with anything you may already have in place. Should you be in need of a Content Management System we can even build one to fit your specific needs.

  • Valid W3C Sites

    Everything Weichert Creative builds is tested to ensure 100% W3C compliance. Everything is certain to be validated before you receive your final web site package making your site compatible with all modern web browsers and devices.

  • Fast Turnaround

    Lightning-quick may be an accurate phrase to use. There's no "shock" value due to delivery delays. You'll be kept fully aware of schedules and delivery dates.

  • Browser Tested

    All web design work Weichert Creative completes is thoroughly tested in every major web browser on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms. You won't find any surprises when you view your completed site on a colleague's system. And you can rest assured that all your customers will have the same user experience when they visit your web site.

  • Unique and Creative

    Every design Weichert Creative creates is made from scratch. You'll get a completely unique web site. We don't rehash templates, or reuse items from previous projects. You receive a completely original design you can be proud of and show off proudly.

  • Search Engine Submission

    Every site Weichert Creative builds is submitted to at least 150 different search engines. We make every effort to get your site ranked as soon as possible right out of the gate. We also build in many Search Engine friendly items as we construct your web site.

  • E-mail Templates

    Familiar with Constant Contact and several other e-newsletter services, Weichert Creative can build custom templates to retain your branding when you send bulletins to your clientele.


    Weichert Creative can also handle many development items related to PHP scripting and MySQL databases including custom form submissions and data gathering as well as dynamic content.


Print Design

Full color or spot color, large or small, web or sheet-fed, concept to completion - with over two decades of perfect, press-ready files, Weichert Creative can handle everything you throw at us.

  • Trouble-Free Design

    Familiar with everything from concept to completion, Weichert Creative print files are solid from the start without any unexpected, on-press, surprises. You can rely on every aspect of our press-ready files to be correct upon delivery.

  • One Color to Full Color

    CMYK or Spot color, Weichert Creative is exceptionally familiar with every aspect of color and black and white printing. Regardless of your budget we'll happily work within the necessary requirements and deliver files you can be proud of.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Fast doesn't even begin to describe Weichert Creative's turnaround time. Most projects are completed in record time. Every project we work on is considered a "rush" job. You'll get proofs and final file so fast you'll be surprised.

  • Books/Manuals

    From a single page to hundreds of pages, Weichert Creative can maintain a solid, cohesive, appearance throughout any book or manual, including the cover. We have been responsible for many product manuals, informational booklets, catalogs, and books.

  • Brochures

    Gate fold, accordion fold, or parallel fold, Weichert Creative sets up brochures the correct way the first time. No misalignments when folded. No mistaken cutting that lops off part of your message. Your message is the most important thing to us and we ensure it's delivered exactly as you expect it to be delivered.

  • Identity Packages

    From business cards and letterheads to envelopes, Weichert Creative completes them all quickly and creatively. Be enthusiastic about whipping out that card to hand it to a colleague and watch their eye light up as they wonder where you found such an impressive leave-behind.

  • Posters/Fliers

    Weichert Creative can more than handle large scale designs, whether they are limited runs or several hundred thousand impressions. We are equally comfortable with smaller buck slips or fliers as we are with large poster promotions and even billboards.

  • Direct Mail

    Direct mail is passion of Weichert Creative. Over the past two decades we've had the pleasure of working with many companies mailing everything from simple postcards to full multi-page booklets. We know how to create mail pieces that get noticed and read resulting in higher response rates overall. In fact, Weichert Creative has designed the current control piece for many companies.

  • Advertisements

    Weichert Creative's work has appeared in many publications all over the world including England and Germany. We know how to work with publishers and ensure they receive files that simply work in their publication while clearly delivering your message.


Brand/Logo Design

Your brand identity is the single most important image you'll ever use. Weichert Creative's identity design packages are delivered in several formats including 100% pure vector which offers the maximum usage range. This ensures your identity images never get rejected or appear at poor quality.

  • Vector Formats

    Weichert Create builds solid logotypes and branding in the preferred, vector, format. Vector formats offer many benefits ensuring your brand image is correct at 1 inch tall and 100 feet tall with no quality loss. We make certain you never need another file for a specific use.

  • Usage Guidelines

    Upon request, Weichert Creative will deliver a comprehensive usage guide for your brand. This will detail what should and should not be done using your brand, specific colors that must be used, placement, spacing, and other items to ensure your brand always has maximum impact.

  • Vector Conversions

    If you already have a brand or logo and simply need to convert it to a more universal format in order to retain its appearance and quality, Weichert Creative would be happy to assist you with a conversion of any image to vector format.

  • Updates/Redesigns

    Feeling like your brand may be "dated" in design? Weichert Creative can assist you by reworking your current brand to a more modern appearance while maintaining the core image. Think of it as a makeover to bring your company's appearance up to date.

  • Trouble Free Files

    Weichert Creative delivers final files in standard print and web formats designed for use under any circumstance. We are exceptionally familiar with image restrictions for various display purposes from billboards and business cards to web pages and Microsoft Word. Our files just work.

  • One Color to Full Color

    Weichert Creative created brands and logos in a full range of colors. We deliver images suitable for black and white or full color printing. This allows you to see directly how your brand will appear under certain printing conditions and control the conversion between color output. You don't rely on any automatic color conversions, we get it right from the beginning.

  • Complete Packages

    When Weichert Creative delivers a logo or brand, we deliver several formats and files for both print and web use. We make every effort to provide you with all the files you'll ever need from the start. And, should you discover you need a unique file format, we're always available in the future to meet your needs.

  • Fast Turnaround

    Every job Weichert Creative takes on is seen as a rush job. Fast turnaround doesn't even begin to describe our speed. You won't wait months for something to be completed. We place top priority on your project and ensure it's done on time and correctly.

  • Unique and Creative

    Weichert Creative starts every brand or logo from scratch. No stock illustrations or standard font placements are used. Your brand will be completely unique to your company setting you apart form your competition in a very powerful way.



Whether vector, raster, or traditional illustration, Weichert Creative can create any project. If you have an illustration assignment, from icons to portraits, we can handle it with ease.

  • Digital Paintings

    Weichert Creative has been using digital painting techniques for nearly 15 years. Over this time we've learned to translate many traditional painting techniques into the digital world offering a compelte, organic, impression to any digital painting.

  • 100% Vector Images

    Weichert Creative loves vector images. We specialize in illustrations that are 100% vector without the traditional "construction paper" impression many vector images convey. We pride ourselves on the ability to create any image in full vector format offering unlimited resolution to the image.

  • Clip Art

    From small, single images to a full range or series of images, Weichert Creative can create custom clip art packages for your company allowing you to maintain an overall message whenever art is used in your materials.

  • Custom Icons

    Weichert Creative loves icons. We can create highly impactful, completely custom, icons for your projects and deliver these images in all necessary formats. If you've got a product or package you'd like to give a unique brand to, contact us. WE would love the opportunity to create an icon for your product.

  • Vector Portraits

    Weichert Creative can take a photograph of anyone and create a custom vector portrait. This can be considerably helpful for use on web sites or in direct mail pieces. Vector portraits offer the wonderful, resolution independence of the vector format while maintaining a unique, stylized appearance.

  • One Color to Full Color

    From simple black and white line drawings to full-blown color illustrations, Weichert Creative is equally comfortable. If you need an illustration in limited colors or several color variations of the same image, we can deliver.

  • Cartoons

    With a unique style of cartooning or comic illustrations, you'll find Weichert Creative images unlike any of the standard stock comic illustrations you may find. We don't crank out millions of illustrations in the hopes of mass-marketing. Weichert Creative focuses on your need and your illustrations, making them unique to you.

  • Product Renderings

    Weichert Creative can take a photo of a product, or the product itself and create a fashionable, clear, illustration for use in marketing materials. We've been responsible for illustration many U.S. Government garments along with other products and packaging. The unique benefits of an illustration may be what your marketing materials need to finalize that sale.

  • Pen & Ink

    Weichert Creative has always had a fondness for simply pen and ink illustrations. We love these projects and look forward to them. Whether digital or traditional, we can deliver a great, unique, illustration you simply won't get anywhere else.